Publishing Services

If you are looking for book publishing services, there are two publishing options available through Castle Quay Books for perspective authors:

1] Royalty Publishing and

2] Personal Partner Publishing.

What is the difference between these two services?

Personal Partner Publishing

If an author, business or ministry are looking for help getting a book published for their personal use- whether in hard copy format or as an e-book- and you want to control all aspects of the creation and production of your book, but you want us to provide all the professional services needed to produce a quality book that is highly attractive, well designed and distributed world-wide, then you will want this option called Personal Partner Publishing. Our services include creating and printing any number of hard copies of your book for your personal sales or various uses. Every project starts with assessing your manuscript and understanding what you are looking for in terms of a book and related services. We then lay out a critical path of individual steps and the various related services required to achieve that goal. Each element is individually priced so you see exactly what your costs will be.

For the Personal Partner Publishing option, we cooperate with the author to produce the same high-quality book as our royalty titles. In this program the author has full sign-off on the entire process and all outputs. It is similar to an "upscale self-publishing" process with many of the advantages of the royalty world-wide distribution process and includes all our marketing services to bookstores and on-line retailers world-wide.

The author or sponsor has full sign-off on the creative processes including editing, cover design, and interior design. The cost to the author or sponsor for a book's production is based on the specifications of the book (such as cover style, page count, word count, size of the book, number of illustrations, interior design and color and other dynamics). The cost for such services varies and includes full production and distribution.

An author may purchase any number of personal copies with the cost based on the book specifications and the purchase volume.

So, whether you only need hard copies of your book or combinations of hard copies and an e-book version of it - we can do it all. If national, international or world-wide distribution is also desired, we can help with that as well. Once we review your manuscript and together, we determine the desired services, we can list the steps you need to take to turn it into a quality title.

Royalty Option

If an author is interested in submitting their manuscript for the "royalty" option, that option is mostly "publisher controlled" and requires that an author complete and submit a full "Submission Report" as per the format included on this site as described in the “Submitting a Manuscript” section.

Once we receive your completed submission report, we place your title on a list of authors who are looking for the royalty option. We get many submissions each year but only select the top titles for publishing each year. The final selection of our royalty titles is done in October each year. There is no cost to the author for the production of their book if it is selected as one of our royalty titles. The "review and selection" process will take as much as 10 months before the final titles are selected from all manuscripts submitted. Once selected the creative publishing element of the process, resulting in the publication and distribution of a book, takes another 5-6 months before the book is released to the various markets.

Although an author has limited input into the creative process of a royalty published title, as our editors control aspects of the book from editing to artwork to meet what we consider optimal market conditions, an author will still have author input.

Personal Author Copies

An author is able to purchase personal copies for excellent discounts off the retail list price depending on the print volume needed.

Royalty Payments

Once a book is launched and we sell a copy of your e-book or hard copy version to a bookstore you will receive a royalty on the net selling price of your title. All our books are made available in 17 counties of the world with the number of countries we partner with increasing all the time. Royalty payments are made each year based on net sales with the pay period ending  on June 30th and payments made July 31 each year.

Personal Partner Publishing Option

Books Sold

All authors receive a commission or royalty based on the net sales that we are paid on all world-wide sales. That commission or royalty is paid as a percentage of the net sale for hard copy books and e-books or audio books sold. Our royalty percentages are at the top of our industry. Castle Quay Books pay all the direct costs of all books sold world-wide.


For more information on these two publishing options please contact us at

Larry N. Willard – Executive Publisher
Castle Quay Books