Award Winners by Year

Castle Quay Books Titles - both Nominated and Award Winning

NB: Awards are assigned the year following publication date

2023 (for 2022 Titles)

  • Bruce J Clemenger-The New Orthodoxy: Canada’s Emerging Civil Religion- - Winner, CHRISTIAN NON-FICTION- ACADEMIC and Winner, CHRISTIAN NON-FICTION- APOLOGETICS
  • Terry Posthumus -Acquainted with Sorry: When Your Life Feels Like the Worst is Yet to Come- Winner, CHRISTIAN LIVING- LIFE STORIES–BIOGRAPHY and Award of Merit – CHRISTIAN LIVING- PERSONAL GROWTH and Finalist - DEBRA FIEGUTH SOCIAL JUSTICE AWARD
  • Belma Diana VardyBecause the Spirit Was There: Windows into First Nations Communities - Winner, CHRISTIAN LIVING- CULTURE
  • Anne McCallum-A Holy Calling: Becoming a Godly Wife - NominatedCHRISTIAN LIVING- LIFE STORIES–BIOGRAPHY
  • Janet L Bayman Daring to Care God’s Way: Growing Through a Lifetime of Adventures and Misadventures -Finalist CHRISTIAN LIVING- LIFE STORIES–BIOGRAPHY
  • Larry J McCloskey– University of Lost Causes- Winner, Best New Canadian Manuscript

2022 (for 2021 Titles)

  • Dr. Marina H Hofman- Women in the Bible Small Group Bible Study- Winner, BIBLE STUDIES & INSTRUCTIONAL- Nominated,


  • Larry J McCloskey - Inarticulate Speech of the Heart- Nominated, CHRISTIAN LIVINGWinner CULTURENominated, DEBRA FIEGUTH AWARD SOCIAL JUSTICE award

  • Cal Bombay -A Life Worth Living - The Cal You Never Knew -Winner, LIFE STORIES–MEMOIR, Winner LIFE STORIES–BIOGRAPHY, 

  • Bev Rayner/James Hensman -Barclay & Berk Builders: A Parable-Winner, CHILDREN–FICTION & Winner NON-FICTION
  • Rita Miceli– Giaci and Me- Winner, Best Canadian Manuscript

2021 (for 2020 Titles)

  • David C. Bentall- Dear Younger Me: Wisdom for Family Enterprise Successors- Nominated- ACADEMIC & INSTRUCTIONAL- Winner, LIFE STORIES
  • Heidi McLaughlin- Fresh Joy: Finding Joy in the Midst of Loss, Hardship and Suffering- NominatedACADEMIC & INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Sandee MacGregor-A Mother-Daughter Devotional and Shared Journal Experience for Psalm 119 -Nominated, BIBLICAL STUDIES
  • Karen Y. Barnstable -Seeking Silver -Nominated, CHRISTIAN LIVING
  • Jack A. Taylor - The Persian Prince- Winner, Best Canadian Manuscript 
  • Melanie Stevenson -The Things We Never Say- Best Canadian Manuscript, Nominated

2020 (for 2019 Titles)

  • Tim J Huff - Make Way for the Christmas Hush- Nominated, CHILDREN- Winner, CHILDREN GENERAL MARKET
  • Margaret Gibb -Faith, Life and Leadership: Vol 2 -Nominated, CHRISTIAN LIVING- Winner, INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Larry J McCloskey - Inarticulate Speech of the Heart- Winner , Best Canadian Manuscript

2019 (for 2018 Titles)

  • Paul H Boge- The True Story of Canadian Human Trafficking- Winner, GRACE IRWIN Award for BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR- Winner DEBRA FIEGUTH AWARD SOCIAL JUSTICE award- Winner, LIFE STORIES
  • Dr John Bowen & Dr Michael Knowles -Good News Church:Celebrating the Legacy of Harold Percy, Winner,  APOLOGETICS/EVANGELISM
  • Larry J. McCloskey- Lament For Spilt Porter - Winner, CULTURE
  • Ronald James Mahler- The Banquet: Exploring The Greatest Invitation Extended To Humanity- Winner, BIBLICAL STUDIES
  • Tim Huff & Iona Snair- Am I Safe?- Nominated, CHILDREN
  • Bosco H.C. Poon- Beyond My Wildest Imagination- Winner, Best Canadian Manuscript

2018 (for 2017 Titles)

  • Mary-Elsie Wolfe- Becoming His Story: Inspiring Women to Leadership- Nominee, CULTURE- Nominee, CHRISTIAN LIVING- Nominated, BIBLICAL STUDIES
  • Belma Diana Vardy- Because God Was There -Nominated, INSPIRATIONAL & DEVOTIONAL
  • Paul H Boge- Hannah’s Hope: A Mulli Children’s Rescue Story- Winner, LIFE STORIES- Nominated, INSPIRATIONAL & DEVOTIONAL
  • Ernie Nullmeyer- The Ernie Nullmeyer Story: How I Triumphed Over Multiple Traumas- Nominated, LIFE STORIES
  • Faye Hall & Malcolm Guite- Seven Whole Days -Winner, SPECIALTY BOOK
  • Sherri-Anne Williams & K A Kinsella- If These Walls Could Talk -Nominated, CHILDREN
  • Preston Manning- Faith, Leadership and Public Life: Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus- Winner, CULTURE
  • Dr David Sherbino- Marriage Preparation Workbook- Nominated, CULTURE
  • Tim J Huff- The Yuletide Factor -Nominated, CHILDREN
  • Kevin John White- Dancing on a Razor- Winner, Best Canadian Manuscript

2017 (for 2016 Titles)

2016 (for 2015 Titles)

  • Tim J Huff- The Yuletide Factor- Winner, CHRISIAN LIVING- Winner, INSPIRATIONAL
  • Paul H Boge- The Biggest Family in the World- Winner, CHILDREN
  • John McAuley- Leading from the In-Between: Crossing Bridges With Emerging Leaders- Nominated, INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Ben Volman- More Than Miracles: Elaine Zeidman Markovic and the Story of The Scott Mission Nominated, LIFE STORIES-Winner, ACADEMIC HISTORY, Presbyterian Church
  • Dr David Sherbino- Renew: A Basic Guide For A Personal Retreat- Nominated, INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Dr James Beverley and Dr Craig Evens- Getting Jesus Right: How Muslims get Jesus and Islam Wrong- Winner, APOLOGETICS- Nominated, BIBLICAL STUDIES

2015 (for 2014 Titles)

2014 (for 2013 Titles)

2013 (for 2012 Titles)

  • David C Bentall -Leaving a Legacy- Nominated, CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP
  • Brian C Stiller- Find A Broken Wall- Winner, CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP -Nominee, LIFE STORIES
  • Paul H Boge -Hope for the Hopeless -Winner- CULTURE, Nominated. INSPIRATIONAL & DEVOTIONAL

2012 (for 2011 Titles)

  • Sam Tita -Deciding to Know God in a Deeper Way- Nominee, CHRISTIAN LIVING- Nominated, CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP
  • Dr Carson Pue -Mentoring Wisdom- Nominated - CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP

2011 (for 2010 Titles)

  • Brian C Stiller- You Never Know What You Have Till You Give It Away- Winner -CHRISTIAN LIVING
  • Dr Grant Richison- Certainty: A Place to Stand- Winner, APOLOGETICS
  • Tim J Huff -Dancing With Dynamite -WinnerGENERAL READERSHIP -Nominated, LIFE STORIES -Winner, Grace Irwin Award, Best Book of the Year
  • Tony Gentilucci- Stop Preaching and Start Communicating- WinnerINSTRUCTIONAL

2010 (for 2009 Titles)

2009 (for 2008 Titles)

  • Tim J Huff- Bent Hope -WinnerCHRISTIAN LIVING -Nominated, CULTURE - Winner -General Readership
  • Colin McCartney- The Beautiful Disappointment- WinnerCULTURE -Nominated, LIFE STORIES

2008 (for 2007 Titles)

  • Tim J Huff- The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge -Winner, CHILDREN -Nominee, CULTURE -WinnerGeneral
  • Darlene Polachic- Keep On Standing- Nominated, LIFE STORIES

2007(for 2006 Titles)

2006 (for 2005 Titles)

  • Dr. Paul Beckingham- Walking Towards Hope -Winner, CHRISTIAN LIVING, Winner - LIFE STORIES
  • Dr. James Beverley- Counterfeit Code: Answering the Da Vinci Code Heresies - Nominated, APOLOGETICS
  • Angelina Fast-Vlaar, Seven Angels for Seven Days-Nominee- CHRISTIAN LIVING, Nominated- LIFE STORIES
  • Judy Rushfeldt - Making Your Dreams Your Destiny- Winner, CHRISTIAN LIVING -Nominated- RELATIONSHIPS
  • John Keith- Wars Are Never Enough- Winner, CULTURE
  • Paul H Boge- Father to the Fatherless- Winner, GENERAL READERSHIP -Nominated, LIFE STORIES
  • Deborah Gyapong- The Defilers- Nominated, FICTION
  • Marcia Lee-Laycock- One Smooth Stone- Winner, BEST NEW AUTHOR

2005 (for 2004 Titles)

  • Lois Sweet- Writing With Spirit- Nominated, INSTRUCTIONAL
  • Denyse O’Leary- By Design or By Chance- Nominated, THEOLOGY -Nominee, CULTURE- Nominated, GENERAL READERSHIP
  • Kirsten Femson- The Way They Should Go: Wisdom for my Grade Eight Class- Winner, TEEN
  • Diane Roblin-Lee- To My Family- Nominated, SPECIAL
  • Paul H Boge- The Cities of Fortune- Nominated, FICTION GENERAL

2004 (for 2003 Titles)

  • Dale Lang-Jason Has Been Shot,-Nominated, LIFE STORIES -Nominated, GENERAL READERSHIP
  • Angelina Fast-Vlaar, Seven Angels For Seven Days- Winner- BEST NEW AUTHOR

2003 (for 2002 Titles)

  • Michael Coren- Mere Christian - Winner- Best New Christian Author Award,
  • Brian C Stiller- Jesus and Caesar: Christians in the Public Square- Winner- GENERAL READERSHIP
  • Nazar Shaheen-Unique Christ Vol 2 -Nominated-THEOLOGY
  • Karyn Gordon- Analyse Yourself- Winner- YOUTH
  • Gordon Williams -Spirit-led Days: Day by Day with the Holy Spirit- Nominated, DEVOTIONAL
  • Paul H Boge- The Chicago Healer- Winner – Best New Author