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Can I Take it to Heaven?

Sandee Macgregor's newest book Can I Take It To Heaven? provides a delightful resource to discuss the topic of heaven with a child. The tender back and forth between Lucy and her Grandma provides an opportunity for much-needed discussion with our children about heaven. Beautifully Illustrated. Ages 5 to 9

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Pop-Pop’s Nursery Rhyme Parade

Pop-Pop’s Nursery Rhyme Parade is a collection of imaginative and joyful poetry rhymes for children, with vibrant hand-drawn illustrations complemented by endearing storytelling.  Authored and illustrated by Tim Huff, author of 11 books. Ages 5 to 9.

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Sprinkles and the Rainbow- God’s Promise

Dr Mitch Siegal’s first children’s book, Sprinkles and the Rainbow- God’s Promise, is a delightfully sweet story of a puffy white cloud looking to make new friends by changing shapes to look just like the characters he comes in contact with. Perfect for young children learning the lesson and core values of God, acceptance and the importance of what's inside that matters the most. Ages 5 to 9

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Just Act- We are the Solution to Poverty

Just Act- We are the Solution to Poverty is not just another self-help and instruction book. Author Angela Peters, leader in this field, offers an inspirational guide for people, businesses, and community organizations who are concerned about poverty but feel hopeless about their ability to make any meaningful difference. The book answers their questions about poverty, provides inspirational true stories, informs about effective initiatives, and addresses barriers to success.

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All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Injured and on the edge of starvation, a retired Special Forces soldier, falsely accused of murder, must use all his knowledge and military training skill to survive winter in the harsh Montana wilderness as he is relentlessly pursued by an unknown enemy desperate to destroy him. A shocking revelation about unchecked greed, power and corruption in higher places against the resilience of the human spirit renewed by faith in God, Family and Country.

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University of Lost Causes

University of Lost Causes is a character driven novel set in a fictitious New England university at an unspecified time after Covid. St Jude’s (the patron saint of lost causes) University is determined to become the most woke ivory tower in the world. Thank God things don’t always
turn out as planned.

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Meet our feature author Angie Peters, an inspiring and collaborative leader in Toronto’s social sector and in 2003, she left her executive role in telecommunications to work towards ending the issue of poverty. She is the founder
of ZOË Alliance, an international social enterprise, and is president and CEO of Young Street Mission Toronto.

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Feature Book

Just Act is the culmination of author Angie Peters’ dedication and life-long pursuit of a
solution to our planet’s greatest bane. The pervasiveness of poverty. This book is an inspirational guide for people, businesses, and community organizations who are concerned about poverty and how to end it.. ...$19.95 & E-Book $9.95

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A Devotional for Mothers and Sons is a top 10 seller for the past 20 weeks and a multi-award nominee and winner. Using the same inspiring pattern as her first book, Sandee Macgregor once again encourages and enables the building of a deeper spiritual bond between a mother and her son(s) through reading a short Proverbs devotion segment together.

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