Dancing with Dynamite
Tim Huff


6 x 9 - 176 Pages

Subtitle: celebrating against the odds

In the follow-up to his best-seller Bent Hope: A Street Journal, Tim Huff invites readers to join him on a soulful journey into a variety of worlds that most people would describe as painful, awkward, peculiar and sometimes even ugly; the very places where celebration happens least, but matters most. Dancing with Dynamite explores the unlikely triumph of the human condition when it’s realized for its splendour, rather than its frailties. Ultimately, it’s a book about the godly art of acceptance,the miraculous impact of kindness, and the joy of truly belonging.

“This book is like a window that allows us to see straight into the heart and perfection of the human spirit. Despite oppressive and often chaotic conditions, somehow the people in these brief stories shine through with hope, to remind us all of our infinite capacity for unconditional love.”

– Don Morrison, chief operating officer of Research In Motion, and co-founder of the Golden Thread Charitable Foundation and the Morrison Centre for Peace. Don is actively involved with both HealthyKids International and the SickKids Foundation.

“In First Nations culture, the storyteller is an important part of the community, often the most important. They shape the identity of the entire village. Tim gently tells stories that will change us, shape our identity and make us better people, if we will listen.”

– Dr. Cheryl Bear, from the Bear Clan of Nadleh Whut’en First Nation in British Columbia, is an award-winning First Nations recording artist, speaker, teacher and pastor who has travelled Canada and the world telling the Great Story of the Creator.

“A powerful and beautiful reminder to be attentive to each daily encounter, expectingto find rousing wonder around each and every corner. This book is meant to be read, sung and then lived.”

– Mike Janzen, an award-winning jazz pianist, recording artist, freelance composerand orchestral arranger whose works include Steve Bell’s award-winning Symphony Sessions and “Bending Hendrix,” commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Tim Huff has stitched together a radical life of presence and friendship among children, youth and adults facing profound emotional, social, mental, developmental, physical and spiritual challenges. His journey of full-time service, learning, and advocacy for poor, oppressed, misunderstood and marginalized people has taken him across his homeland of Canada and around the world.He is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Bent Hope: A Street Journal, and the author and illustrator of the award-winning, best-selling children’s book The Cardboard Shack Beneath the Bridge: Helping Children Understand Homelessness, both published by Castle Quay Books.

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