The Chicago Healer
Paul H. Boge


5.75 x 8.75 368 Pages

Lucas Stephens is a Canadian-born, bright, young entrepreneur, who makes his fortune in Chicago as a successful pharmaceutical executive. During a business trip to China he is wrongfully accused of drug trafficking and imprisoned in a brutal penitentiary. While in his cold cell Lucas discovers the gift of supernatural healing. He returns to Chicago where he quits his highly paid position and begins to fulfill his new-found passion for healing people. He teams up with a skeptical theologian and a down-and-out street person and together they explore this healing phenomenon while being hotly pursued and scrutinized by a pragmatic female reporter with whom Lucas shares a dark past. Lucas begins to heal thousands of people as he struggles to cope with his new found fame. But he must contend with his former boss who becomes psychotically enraged that Lucas’ success is unexpectedly creating the financial demise of his pharmaceutical company.

It’s a skillfully spun drama that combines global high-finance and the curious world of divine healing. Packed with unpredictable events, and loaded with intrigue, The Chicago Healer will keep you guessing, and is bound to capture the imagination of readers everywhere—especially those with an interest in miracles.

The title was awarded the Best New Canadian Author Award in 2003.

Paul H. Boge is a practicing professional engineer and the writer of numerous film reviews, book reviews and articles. The Chicago Healer, his first novel, won the Best New Canadian Author Award which was presented by Castle Quay Books and Essence Publishing at the 2003 Word Guild Conference in Guelph, Ontario. Paul has been active in public speaking and inner city rescue work and has also taught at an orphanage in Kenya.

“The Chicago Healer's inspired cast of characters wrestles with the realities of belief and unbelief as they explore real issues that arise when divine power confronts human will. This gripping page-turner is peppered with astute observations and deep, honest questions.”
Doug Koop—Editorial Director ChristianWeek

“A fascinating story that challenges our theology, experience, and expectations causing us to ask questions. It's a great read that brings supernatural spiritual dimensions out of religious contexts and into the marketplace.”
Willard Thiessen—Host of “It's a New Day”

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