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Castle Quay Books Canada was founded in 2002 as an independent
Canadian Christian publishing imprint of Augsburg Fortress
Publishers Canada. It is dedicated to the advancement
of the Canadian Christian writing community with the
purpose of developing and publishing high value, quality
Canadian titles, with both established and new authors.
We strive to find and promote quality messages that
will uplift all our readers-edifying, teaching, challenging
and inspiring them.

Although our primary focus is on Christian and titles
of high moral content, we also publish works that contain a
balanced quality message in social, political and spiritual
matters. We have several non-Canadian authors whose
works we publish. Our friend, Dr Charles Stanley, has
worked with us to publish a special Italian version
of some of his best-selling titles. Information about
how to get a copy of one of them is available through
his ministry.

We are closely associated with the various writing guild 
associations in Canada and are regular sponsors of various
"Canadian Author Award" categories presented by the
Word Guild at the annual Write! Canada conference in Guelph.

Our titles are distributed nationally by:

Foundation Distributing Inc Canada
Phone: 1-877-368-3600      Fax: 905-983-1190
For more information visit:

If you would like to contact myself, our distributor,
or one of our authors, please forward your queries by e-mail
to clearly stating your request and
contact details, and we would be delighted to assist you.

We have dozens of new titles we are currently preparing
to announce, so please remember to visit our site regularly.

Thank you for visiting

Larry N Willard


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